“See Ya, Connie!”

The happy couple

(SPOILER ALERT: Read only after watching Party Down‘s Season Two finale)

One of the best sitcoms on television since Arrested Development; Party Down‘s Season Two finale entitled “Constance Carmel Wedding” didn’t disappoint. Centered around the highly anticipated return of Jane Lynch’s Constance Carmel and her wedding to an elderly film producer named Howard Greengold, the typical awkward Party Down hijacks ensued. Constance was her usual gleeful self, and the reunion was fun to watch. Especially with Howard trying to guess who each of the characters were based on the stories he’d heard from his bride. Mixing up Henry and Roman? Genius. As Constance corrects Howard, “No he’s the failed actor. THAT’S Roman.”

Speaking of Roman, I’ve always laughed the hardest when Martin Starr’s character gets to really loosen up, and what better way than with multiple pot cookies?

This episode, really, was all about love. There were declarations of love from Ron for his betrothed girlfriend, who also happens to be the daughter of Party Down’s CEO. Patrick Duffy, however, stole the show playing himself and vying for Constance’s affections when asked to speak now or forever hold his peace. Poor Duffles was shot down, Constance truly loved Howard, they’re the same kind of crazy.

Then there’s Casey and Henry. Casey discovers mid-wedding that her scene had been cut from the Apatow film she had taken part in. This was supposed to have been her big break and now she’s questioning her ambitions and chosen career. Henry encourages her to keep trying, but she points out to him, “Maybe if we were the same kind of crazy but we’re not. Because if you’re not crazy enough to believe it for you than how can you believe it for me?” This culminates in the episode ending on Henry attending an audition for the film Velour, in which Kyle is also up for a part.

Speaking of Kyle, more specifically his portrayer Ryan Hansen, he’s getting better and better at displaying depth in seemingly shallow characters. I found him incredibly complex and sometimes even fascinating as Dick Casablancas on Veronica Mars and I love that Rob Thomas cast him again in this series. His chemistry on screen with Martin Starr is hilarious. What a great way to segue into Megan Mullaly and Jane Lynch’s chemistry. The way the often overly friendly Constance treated Lydia like an yipping puppy that won’t shut up was inspired.

I look forward to another season. I refuse to conform to the notions that this could have been the series finale instead of just the season finale. This is cable, and the show is just too good. If it was a major network show, maybe I’d be worried. But despite Adam Scott moving on to greener pastures at Parks and Recreation, I think the show will be fine. The loss of Jane Lynch was a scary notion, but the catering troupe persevered. There will always be parties that need catering, and champagne that needs pissing in.

UPDATE: Starz did indeed cancel Party Down. Dear Starz, you are now on my shit list. Forever. I will never, ever pay to receive your network. Fuck you.


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