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Greatest Hits

After seeing so many “Top 10 Glee Performances” lists on the internets, I decided to make my own Top 20 for the whole first season.

20. “Safety Dance”

Episode: Dream On
Performed by:
Artie Abrams

I love dream sequence performances, and this one might be the best. Plus bonus points for Kevin McHale’s dance moves.

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Don’t Stop Believing

New Directoins performs at Regionals

(SPOILER ALERT: Read only after watching Glee‘s Season One finale)

Now that the first season of Glee is complete, the signature song of New Directions has remained the main theme of the show throughout the whole first season, for both the characters and the viewers. There were some major missteps along the way (Acafellas, Home, Laryngitis) but it still persisted to be one of the best show on TV. Throughout the season one journey (ha) the series has been highly scrutinized by critics, and even myself. However, I think it’s only because the show is of a certain quality that it exudes the highest expectations from everyone who watches it, which is a good thing.

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