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Cheap 2 Cents Update

Mitch Pileggi in Supernatural

According to The Ausiello Files, Mitch Pileggi is returning to Supernatural for a multi-episode arc in Season Six as Sam and Dean’s maternal grandfather. This will be interesting to see because his character has been dead since before Mary and John Winchester were married. I’ve already let my skepticism be known about the forthcoming sixth season, and this news really isn’t helping to raise my expectations.

In other news, Steve Carrell has announced that he’s leaving The Office after the upcoming seventh season which means that it’s officially the beginning of the end for the series. The recent Season Six was the first time the series showed signs of wear, and without Michael Scott  it will get tired fast.

Finally, also reported by The Ausiello Files, Criminal Minds has decided not to pick up A.J. Cook’s contract for the upcoming new season. Even though I watch the show, I don’t think this will affect it in the least. J.J. is arguably the most boring, one dimensional character of the ensemble. I’m a little concerned about them deciding to cut back Paget Brewster’s episode count, but at least she isn’t leaving the show altogether. If the show can survive Mandy Patinkin’s exit, no one will even notice A.J. Cook’s.


Forget Sex and the City…

The Friends

…Give me a Friends movie! Courteney Cox was talking to the LA Times recently about wanting to do a Friends movie. Entertainment Weekly did an amazing write-up on it, better than anything I could do. Check it out.

Sam and Dean’s Swan Song

Sam and Dean with Lucifer

(SPOILER ALERT: Read only after watching Supernatural‘s Season Five finale)

It’s all been building up to this. The moment Sam’s girlfriend Jessica was murdered by old yellow eyes in the pilot of Supernatural, it set in motion events that brought the brothers to the climactic battle that took place in the finale of Season Five entitled “Swan Song.” Initially, the story was that Sam was chosen by Azazel (aka yellow eyes) to be his warrior. Well, Azazel chose a few different people and then had them duke it out to see who would come out on top. In this fight Sam ends up being killed which prompts Dean to sell his soul at the crossroads to bring Sam back. The third season is all centered around figuring out how to get Dean out of his deal which will cause him to be dead in a year’s time. Unfortunately, the brothers fail and Dean is killed by hell hounds and sending him to hell.

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Don’t Stop Believing

New Directoins performs at Regionals

(SPOILER ALERT: Read only after watching Glee‘s Season One finale)

Now that the first season of Glee is complete, the signature song of New Directions has remained the main theme of the show throughout the whole first season, for both the characters and the viewers. There were some major missteps along the way (Acafellas, Home, Laryngitis) but it still persisted to be one of the best show on TV. Throughout the season one journey (ha) the series has been highly scrutinized by critics, and even myself. However, I think it’s only because the show is of a certain quality that it exudes the highest expectations from everyone who watches it, which is a good thing.

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DeWyze Choice

Lee and Crystal on the Today Show

Okay, so, at first I was slightly saddened by Lee DeWyze winning this season of American Idol. Only slightly because I’d always been pulling for the guy, I just think Crystal is the truer artist. Whatever. Anyway, I downloaded both their singles right after the finale and have, embarrassingly, listened to both on repeat. Then I come across this gem. Lee and Crystal recently appeared, together, on The Today Show’s summer concert series. Lee totally acoustically killed “Beautiful Day” (in a good way) and they performed “Falling Slowly” together once again; a repeat of my favorite moment from the whole season. Enjoy. (Thanks, Entertainment Weekly.)