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Wide and Prejudice

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When looking through the television screen, diversity is something that can sometimes be hard to find. African American, homosexual, Arab, overweight… For those of us that don’t fit that straight, thin, white “ideal” there has been a limited choice of relatable characters in scripted series. Throughout time this has slowly improved, but even now in 2010 we still come across underrepresented demographics. Despite half of the citizens of the United States being classified as overweight, and the average size of an American woman being 14, being overweight still has a negative stigma and is socially acceptable to openly ridicule and criticize. There have always been overweight men on television, but the overweight woman has been largely invisible. Up until now, the only representation of the overweight on television has been NBC’s The Biggest Loser and Oxygen’s Dance Your Ass Off where overweight people strive to be the one to lose the most weight. Why are people so uncomfortable with talking about weight? Yes, there are serious issues coupled with being obese, such as diabetes, cholestoral and heart disease. The issue being ignored in pop culture as well as society is the difference between being morbidly obese and ill versus being overweight and healthy, but to society, visually unappealing. There’s a distinction that isn’t often recognized.

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