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“See Ya, Connie!”

The happy couple

(SPOILER ALERT: Read only after watching Party Down‘s Season Two finale)

One of the best sitcoms on television since Arrested Development; Party Down‘s Season Two finale entitled “Constance Carmel Wedding” didn’t disappoint. Centered around the highly anticipated return of Jane Lynch’s Constance Carmel and her wedding to an elderly film producer named Howard Greengold, the typical awkward Party Down hijacks ensued. Constance was her usual gleeful self, and the reunion was fun to watch. Especially with Howard trying to guess who each of the characters were based on the stories he’d heard from his bride. Mixing up Henry and Roman? Genius. As Constance corrects Howard, “No he’s the failed actor. THAT’S Roman.”

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Cheap 2 Cents Update

Jane Lynch returns as Constance for the season finale of Starz’s Party Down airing June 25th! So stupendously exciting. Love Sue Sylvester, but the lack of Constance leaves a gaping hole in the catering troupe. Sorry, Megan Mullally!

Jane Lynch and Ryan Hansen

In depressing news, there’s already talk of a Sex and the City 3 movie which is more evidence that the universe is conspiring against me.